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Over the past decade Milner’s Lawn Care has developed a reputation of providing superior lawn care service and we take great pride in our abilites to tackle the challenge of many difficut and tedious projects.

Total Lawn Transformation

When a lawn has become overun with weeds, damaged by pest infestation or weathered by neglect, sometimes the only answer is to bring it back to life through sodding.
The sodding process involves removal of the old sod which includes any debris. The soil is then tilled and tamped to regenerate the nutrients or in some cases a new layer of topsoil is applied. Once the soil has been prepped we will expertly lay-out the new sod in a pattern that will encourage an effective adaptation for growth. You will be left with a fresh new lawn, instantly transforming your yard into a beautuiful green oasis. Before we leave we will provide you with watering and maintenance instructions so that you can maintain the beauty of your lawn for many seasons to come.