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Durham's Snow Removal Experts

Snow Plowing Services

Commercial Snow Removal

Dependable & professional snow removal for parking lots and businesses

Building Entry, Pedestrian Walkways & Bus Shelter Clearing

Providing high level of service for the clearing of all areas

Safety Salt Application

High quality ice melting salt applications

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Prompt and professional services

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Snow Removal Experts – Servicing The Durham Region

Commercial Snow Clearing

Milner’s provides¬†commercial plowing and clearing for your business property. We ensure fast and efficient clearing of parking lots, driveways and side walks. Competitively priced and available around the clock we ensure worry-free plowing maintenance of your business property.

Industrial Salting Applications

Keep your parking lots, driveways and sidewalks ice free. Our team will provide prompt and professional salting so that you will have peace of mind knowing you are keeping your property and the public safe from slippery icy conditions. We work around the clock to keep you safe

Large Area Clearing

Are you looking for a responsive service that will keep your property free of ice and snow? Regardless of size, at Milner’s we will make sure that your needs are taken care of in a quick and professional matter. No job is too big or too small.¬†

Servicing The Durham Region For Over 10 Years

Quality servicing for the clearing of whatever the winter weather throws at you. Milners clean-up crew is quick and responsive to ensure uninterrupted business due to winter.

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