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Aerating your lawn at least once a year is very important and healthy for the growth of your lawn. Aeration involves the removal of small cores—or plugs of soil—which are then deposited on the surface (they’ll work their way into the grass within a month). The small holes that remain help to break up compacted areas and allow water and air to penetrate to the root zone.  Aerating your lawn will allow oxygen and vital nutrients to efficiently reach you plants roots.  The harder a plant works to accomplish this the less energy it has for growth.  
Another factor in the root health is the thatch layer.  The thatch is the layer of organic material betwen the grass and the soil.  it is comprised of grass clipping, stems, leaves and other matters. Thatch can contrict movement of oxygen, water, and evaporation.  This can cause a lawn difficulty when trying to move and make food. The trapped moisture in the thatch layer will contribute to fungi and disease that can damage the lawn.


Aeration Benefits:
Aerating you lawn will allow your lawn to breath and gather the appropriate moisture to grow healthy and strong.
Core aeration can help make your lawn healthier and reduce its maintenance requirements through these means:
        *    Improved air exchange betwen the soil and atmosphere
        *    Enhanced soil water uptake
        *    Improved fertilizer uptake and use
        *    Reduced water runoff and puddling
        *    Stronger turfgrass roots
        *    Reduced soil compaction
        *    Enhanced heat and drought stress tolerance
        *    Improved resilency and cushioning
        *    Enhanced thatch breakdown